18th Annual Interventional Cardiology Meeting with Live Cases of the TSC Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions

More than 1100 cardiologists and trainees in cardiology participated in 18th Annual Interventional Cardiology Meeting with Live Cases that was held in Antalya on April 14-17, 2011. The meeting was credited with 20 CME credits by the Medical Association of Turkey. The meeting sessions were held in 3 parallel halls. A hall was appointed for the Basic Interventional Course for the trainees in cardiology and the new beginners in interventions among the cardiologists. 28 live cases were operated at the cath labs of the two centers from Istanbul: Bezmialem Vakif Guraba University Hospital and M. Akif Ersoy Cardiovascular Training and Research Hospital and discussed interactively by the attendees and panelists at the meeting hall in Antalya.

Among 176 lecturers there were prominent figures of the European and world cardiology such as Carlo di Mario, Niazi Khusrow, Giuseppe de Luca, Marc Gewillig, Sasko Kedev, Leonardo Bolognese, Ulvi Mirzayev, Mohammad al Kurdi.

A half-day program was especially prepared for the cath lab nurses and technicians and 150 nurses and technicians attended these sessions. A significant number of the nurses and technicians were from Stent For Life Project Centers.

During the meeting 4 simulators were put to service in two Wokshop Halls with coronary arterial, carotis and peripheric arterial intervention scenarios. A third Workshop Hall was prepared for the Experimental Animal Models in Coronary Heart Diseases such as ischemia, reperfusion, ischemic arrhythmia, microvascular system in miocardial infarction, ischemic preconditioning, postconditioning and apoptosis and surgical techniques in Wistar rats.