Prevention and Control Program for Cardiovascular Diseases

The preceding century has faced a health struggle against the communicable diseases in the global scale. The century we are in required new approaches to be implemented in the health area due to the increasing life expectancy and the chronic diseases being the major mortality and morbidity cause in Turkey. 

Counteracting against the risk factors causing chronic diseases can be successful only through national policies and long-term strategies. Healthy nutrition, increasing physical activity, and reducing tobacco consumption is the important preventive factors requiring participation from all sectors. Hence, all sectors have roles and responsibilities in the health protection and promotion efforts. 

The Health Transformation Program being implemented in Turkey since 2003 is a very comprehensive program inclusive of the studies conducted so far and it aims to generate the most appropriate solutions through participatory and democratic decision processes. The aim is to organize, finance and provide health care services in an effective, efficient, and equitable way. 

In the scope of Health Transformation Program, there has been considerable progress in issues such as maternal and child care, vaccination activities, and campaign against communicable diseases. In the second five-years Action Plan of the Ministry of Health, health promotion activities will be emphasized for sustaining a healthy life and activities concerning consciousness raising as well as information, creating awareness and developing behavioral changes that will have a positive impact on health shall be carried out. 

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to anyone who have contributed to this study that will be carried out with the principle of equitable, quality, modern, and sustainable health services for all and that will contribute to the health policies and strategies and I wish the continuity for the successful efforts.

Recep AKDAĞ, MD, Prof
The Minister of Health 

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