Accreditation of Corporate

The Turkish Board for Cardiology was established as an autonomous entity by the academic members of the Turkish Society of Cardiology.

The first National Cardiology Board Qualifying Examination was realized on November 28, 2005, during the 21st National Cardiology Congress. Since then the Board made 10 written Qualifying Examinations and 24 oral Certifying Examinations; the second group for the successful applicants of the Qualifying Examinations. The Board issued 654 certificates since its foundation.

The organs of the Board are Executive Committee, Examination Committee, Accreditation Committee and Auditing Committee.

The Board developed its principles and procedures on Accreditation of the Cardiology Training Institutions in 2009-2010. In 2010, after the auditing visits, evaluation reports and the necessary corrections the Cardiology Departments of Başkent, Gazi, Kocaeli and Trakya Universities were awarded the first 4 Accreditation Certificates for Cardiology Training Institutions and Programs. In 2011 Cardiology Departments of Ankara, Karaelmas, Ondokuz Mayıs and Uludağ Universities were awarded the second group of four Accreditation Certificates for Cardiology Training Institutions and Programs. In 2012 the Cardiology Departments of Harran and Çukurova Universities besides the Türkiye Yüksek İhtisas Hospital in Ankara received this Certificate. The evaluation procedure goes on for two other institutions.

The Board held its third committee elections at the General Meeting on October 13, 2012.