Abstract and Case Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline: 24 June 2019

Case Submission Deadline: 24 June 2019
Abstract Submission Terms
  • Abstracts can only be submitted by logging in to the system. Abstracts sent by e-mail or post independently from the system will not be accepted.
  • Abstract submission deadline is 24 June 2019. Abstract Submission System will be closed as of that date. Users who will use the online abstract module for the first time should first register to the system on “New User Registration” button.
General Requirements of Abstracts
  • Abstract text field is limited to 3000 characters except title and name of the author. System will not allow users to write more than 3000 characters on this field.
  • System automatically standardizes fonts of the texts for every abstract, so it is not possible to use a different font.
  • Abstracts should be formed as “introduction”, “tools and method”, “results” and “discussion”.
  • The title should be in a form that explains the content of the study. Apart from the words with lowercase letters of a unique importance such as pH or NaCI, all the words in abstract titles should be written in capital letters. The first time an abbreviation is used in a text, it should be spelled out fully in parentheses except chemical symbols and international units.
  • Abstracts about the studies of experimentations on human beings should have ethics committee approval and be in accordance with the Turkish laws.
  • As the submitted abstracts will be printed directly, spelling mistakes should be avoided.
  • Abstracts elected by Scientific Committee to be presented in the congress will be published in the special edition of Anatolian Journal of Cardiology.
  • As it causes problems in the stream, our colleagues who accept to take part in the congress as speakers or moderators but shirk their duties without giving any excuse will not be assigned to any duties at least one period.
  • Besides, the ones who fail to present their abstracts or hang posters without giving any excuse will be journalized and their abstracts submitted as the first author for the next congress will be rejected.
  • Abstracts will be evaluated through the online system and the result will be sent to the e-mail addresses defined in the system as of 1st of July 2019. Users will be able to follow the whole evaluation process on the system through their e-mails and passwords.
  • Accepted poster abstracts should be prepared as “hanged poster” on the submission system.
Instructions for Printed Posters
  1. The maximum dimension of the poster must be 70cm X 90cm and the writing on the poster should be readable from 2 meters. During the preparation phase of the posters, below stated instructions should be taken into consideration.
  2. Posters should be prepared as MS Word Document in accordance with abstract full text editorial guidelines.
  3. All text of the poster should be written with Arial character. The Poster title, author names and contact address should be min.26-40 pt. and the other text should be in 16-18 pt. font size.
  4. Posters should consist of "introduction, objective, method, result and conclusions" parts; keywords and references should also be added as the abstract full text. Coloured figures and/or pictures can be used to enhance the visual quality.
  5. Poster owners will bring their poster printed.
  6. Posters will be placed on boards numbered by the Organization Committee.
  7. The Organization Committee staff will help the poster owners for hanging their posters.
  8. Poster owners are required to be present at specified date and time in the poster area and provide information about their studies.
  9. Poster owners will take down their posters at the end of the time spared to them. The posters not removed by the owners on time will be taken down by the congress workers but they are under the responsibility of their owners.

For technical support or questions during the submission period, contact “LookUs Scientific Inc.” by phone (+90 216 372 66 44) or e-mail agent@lookus.net

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