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Dear Colleagues,

The 4th Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Meeting with International Participation will be held digitally on 3-5 June 2021 this year under the name of ‘ 4th International Participation Pulmonary Vascular Diseases PVD 2021 ONLINE Meeting’, due to pandemic conditions affecting the whole world.

We aim to organize a spectacular meeting once again with your participation and support, by using the excitement and the energy of PVD 2019 Congress which was organized with speakers and participants from Turkey and many foreign countries and with the advantages of the online congress.

In a platform created with our colleagues from many countries and branches to provide a global stage for your scientific infrastructure; you will be given the time and opportunity to connect, share and learn with the best.

We have set ourselves the following goals so that all participants of the 2021 Conference can leave the conference with the following gains;

  • Examination of pulmonary vascular treatment options and progress in this area in the past two years,
  • Analysis of the evidence available in different basic and clinical treatment areas by experts,
  • Summarizing the results of the researches by expert speakers,
  • Determining appropriate treatment options and discussing the clinical application of these treatments,
  • Exchange of ideas with experts and stakeholders from all over the world in the symposium sessions,
  • Analyzing the effect and results of Covid-19 on PAH patients,
  • Evaluation of your patients in PVH multidisciplinary and international councils composed of different centers is one of the main objectives of this meeting.
  • In this year's meeting, separate meetings will also be organized where our young colleagues will evaluate their cases with experienced centers and experts.

We hope to provide a suitable environment for constructive scientific interaction and collaborations throughout the conference.

We will be happy to communicate with all of you in this digital experience.

ours Sincerely

Prof. Dr. Bülent Mutlu
President of Pulmonary Vascular and Adult Congenital Heart Diseases
Working Group


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