Second chance if you miss the ACC/i2 2010 Congress: Best of ACC/i2 2010 Istanbul

We have a good news for you and your colleagues if you miss the ACC'10 and i2 Summit 2010 in Atlanta, USA: You now have a second chance to keep up with the most important discussions in Istanbul, Turkey; at the Best of ACC/i2 2010 Istanbul Meeting that will be held in the European Capital of Culture 2010 on April 24-25, 2010.

The Best of ACC/i2 2010 Istanbul Meeting aims at poroviding a concise round-up of the remarkable presentations made at the ACC-2010 and i2-2010 meetings for the European-Asian-African cardiologists who could not have the opportunity to participate in the ACC 2010 Congress in person. Presentations will be made by the prominent ACC speakers and each presentation will be discussed with the focus of "How will this affect our clinical decision making?"

Further information is available at Best of ACC/i2 2010 Istanbul website

Participants of the "Best of ACC/i2 2010 Istanbul" will also have the chance to follow the international sessions of the 17th National Interventional Meeting and Arrhythmia 2010 Meeting of the Turkish Society of Cardiology without separate registration.

Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Cetin Erol, FESC, FACC Prof. Dr. Oktay Ergene, FESC, FACC
President President Elect